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Needham Estate - Fieldstone Rounds Stone Veneer

I am a skilled contractor who recently completed a remarkable project in Needham, MA. The scope of my work involved the installation of rounds fieldstone veneer stone on the front siding of a house, creating a visually striking and charming facade.

Additionally, I undertook the installation of big bluestone porch stairs, which were skillfully capped with rounds fieldstone risers and sides. This careful attention to detail enhanced both the functionality and aesthetics of the porch, resulting in a welcoming entrance.

To further enhance the outdoor space, I installed bluestone thermal blue walkways, complemented by cobblestones set in mortar as beautiful borders. This combination of materials created visually pleasing pathways that seamlessly blended with the surroundings.

The execution of this project was handled with precision and expertise, resulting in a job that was flawlessly executed. The combination of rounds fieldstone veneer, bluestone porch stairs, and thermal blue walkways has transformed the house's exterior, adding character, beauty, and functionality.

Located in Needham, MA, this project stands as a testament to my commitment to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. The final result is a stunning and inviting home, showcasing the perfect fusion of natural materials and thoughtful design.