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Block Retaining wall

I am a highly skilled contractor specializing in block retaining walls and masonry construction projects. Recently, I was subcontracted by a prominent company for a challenging task in Quincy, MA. My goal was to construct a remarkable 12 feet high block retaining wall using the exceptional Alta Pro Blocks by Nicolock.

The previous wall had severely deteriorated, posing risks to the homeowners. I meticulously demolished and responsibly disposed of the old wall. Following the instructions from the city building department and engineers' project specifications, I meticulously built the new wall from the ground up, ensuring precise construction and structural integrity.

Using high-quality Alta Pro Blocks, the retaining wall not only meets safety requirements but also boasts exceptional aesthetic appeal. It serves as a testament to my unwavering dedication to flawless craftsmanship.

Through my expertise and attention to detail, I have transformed a dangerous structure into a beautifully executed retaining wall, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of the homeowners.